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FDA Panel Calls for Ban on Children’s Cold Medicine October 21, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — shuka @ 5:55 pm

An article in today’s New York Times announced that the Food and Drug Administration’s panel strongly recommended the FDA to ban all over-the-counter cold medicine for children under the age of six. The panel also unanimously voted against allowing pharmaceutical companies to market their products as ‘doctor recommended.’

Children’s medicine manufacturers like Consumer Healthcare Products Association are fighing against the FDA panels recommendations. Not a surprise, considering that a ban on such medicine would be a great financial loss for such manufacturers.

Whether or not the ban shall be put in effect is still undecided. What is clear, however, is that panel experts have agreed that over-the-counter medications for colds are not safe for children to use and have not proven to be effective in the healing process. Most succeed in simply knocking the child out. A quick, easy, and dangerous solution.


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