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Does Clinton Regret Not Reading the National Intelligence Estimate? February 7, 2008

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In short, no.

She said being ‘briefed’ and sending in the inspectors to Iraq should have been enough. But that Bush stopped the inspection.


Biden Says Take Responsibility

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Biden said that the truth of the matter is that supporting the troops is different than supporting the war.

The war exists regardless of us liking it.


Kucinich: Stop War Funding Now

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Kucinich, unlike Clinton, doesn’t think this is Bush’s war. He said that Democrat’s have responsibility to stop funding the war.


Richardson Wants Troops Out Now

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Richardson said that his plan to stop the war would not to be gradual. He wants troops out by the end of this year.

He said that he believed the war in Iraq is a civil war now. He said he would make a resolution under article 1 to deauthorize the war. “Our troops have become a target.”

Genocide is a problem in Darfur and this issues also needs to be addressed.


Troops Out Now?

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Senator Biden and Obama didn’t say how they vote for the Iraq war until the end. Though he added that in the end they voted against it.

Edwards said you have to move faster than that.

Obama retorted that opposed the war from the start. But voting to cut off funding was a hard decision because of the troops at stage.

Clinton adds that all Dem.’s want to end the war.


Clinton Changes Her Mind – Again

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Clinton, who voted for every previous Iraq funding, has turned around is is now against it.

Both Clinton and Obama also stated originally that they wouldn’t join the debates because it wasn’t sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee.

The media charm was to great, I presume.


Biden Only Dem. to Vote for War

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Biden argues that the forces in Iraq are in harms way and need to get more funding for to save the lives of the troops.

Blizter keeps trying to get Biden to speak against his co-candidates – but he refuses to do so.